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With a sadden heart, we are liquidating most of our entire herd of premium Zebu cattle.  Zebus have been a wonder addition to our farm; however, with kids activities, kids in college, etc., we simply don't have time to keep up with everything. 

CSR has been one of the driving forces in the North Texas Zebu industry with an impressive Championship Show history.  Over the years, we help standard the breed into what it is today. 

Understand, these are NOT "grade", substandard animals, these are some of the best examples of zebu cattle in North Texas. We have the show wins to back that up.  All of our animals are registered with AMZA and several are dual registered with IMZA as well.

Most of these animals are either Champions themselves, a product of a Champion or have produced Champions. Several are out of some of the best stock in the nations. With that said, you will be surprised at how affordable these good animals can are when purchased this way

If you are interested, give us a call at 214.796.0877.

Visit our YouTube channel for the latest "For Sale" video.  Any video someone wants to see, I will typically post it here.  NOTE: some of the animals in the videos may already be sold. 

Due to the demand and interest, I have replaced our traditional Sale Barn pages with several videos.

  1. It allows you to see the animals in a relaxed state.  Many times when people come out the animals get nervous and you can't actually see or understand how docile many of these animals are.
  2. You can see each animal on the "move" and see them in relation to other things.  This helps you to determine size, structure etc.
  3. I can typically give you more information within the video.



CSR had 2 AMZA - PGCH Sires

Crooked Star Ranch is proud to announce both of our herd sires have obtained the prestigious status of AMZA Permanent Grand Champion*.  During much of the 2009-2010 show season 5Star Chili and SBF Damon were the senior bulls to beat, with 5 Star Chili winning AMZA Senior Bull of the Year. 

In addition to his PGCH, 5Star Chili has obtained his Master Grand Champion Status.

Currently, we have several 2010 calves for sale from these sires and expecting our 2011 calving season to begin in March 2010

* A PGCH must win 4 Grand Champion Banners.


Crooked Star Ranch....

Crooked Star Ranch is located in Maypearl, Texas, approximately 30 miles south of Dallas.

We typically have between 60 - 70 animal on property and have something for everyone. About

We purchased out first animals in 2005 and have not looked back.  Starting with only 5 animals, we have traveled the county to purchase some of the finest zebus available. We pride ourselves on healthy, good natured animals that either meet or exceed the breed standard set forth by both major registries.  We currently have more than 60 animals.  Although many are dual registered, CSR supports and registers all of our animals with American Miniature Zebu Association (AMZA)

We will guaranteed the health of every animal and pride ourselves on educating the buyer.  Each animal sold will have a "bill of sale" and, upon request, will obtain a Texas Heath Certificate

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